Who Am I

At the time of birth not only a child is born, but also a mother, a father and a new family. New parents are very happy and excited but also full of worries, full of questions.

I was born as a mother twice and I know how important it is when you can confirm your maternal instinct with the assurance of a knowledgeable person. I have experienced how comforting it is, when you are in doubt, to know that there is someone next to you, who will guide you in the right direction. I recognize how significant it is when you can trust someone to care for your baby while you have a moment to yourself. When I became a mother, my mother became my doula.

My professional practise made me realize that not every new family is as lucky as I was. There are many families who leaving hospital with fear and concern of what will happen when they get home. They ask the nurse “Can I take you home with me”? When I heard these words over and over I realized that becoming a doula is not only beautiful and rewarding, but it is certainly the most needed profession in the world.

   My two kids, or as they would like to call themselves, young adults are still keeping me on my toes.  They are both an incredible individuals who are giving me strength in life, and who support me in my journey.  I enjoy long walks with them or skiing down the hills, racing, and who will be the first one drinking a hot chocolate. 

Looking at my kids I realize how quickly they grow and how much I would have loved to prolong some of the moments when we are together, when we are having a good time bonding. When I am working with new families, my goal is always to give them as many of these moments as possible.

I also remember how confused sometimes a new mom could be after reading all the information about newborn babies and how difficult  it is to apply the information into real life situations. When I was experiencing that situation, that very wise woman (my doula) told me that reality is always different the information which are in the books. She told me that I should follow my instinct and that I should read my baby, not a book, in order to learn their cues and that I should  always make sure that it is done in a safe way. I can honestly say that this changed my life as a mother.

As soon as I learnt to follow the desires and the actual needs of my children, I began to enjoy motherhood with real satisfaction.  I felt a sense of fulfillment and joy; and I believe that was possible only because of my doula. I knew how necessary that discovery was for me and I am ready to support women in their decisions, so they can feel the taste of power, self-confidence and a happy motherhood.

 I am also an animal mother to an unpredictable beagle and an orange tubby with a strong attitude. Watching their animal behaviour and how they can comfort others just by their presence and touch, without words, reminds me of how supportive I am and can be to individuals who need my support.

My professional work as a nurse on a maternal-child area provided me with experience and knowledge and skills of providing care for individuals.

My personal experience allowed me to become aware of the importance of assisting individuals during the postnatal period.

My heart tells me that there is nothing else that I would rather do in my life than to be a mom, a doula and a maternal- child nurse.


Why Choose Me​​

You During my career, I have assisted and supported over 3 thousand families. This experience has enabled me to understand the diversity of every family. I am aware of their uniqueness and the exclusiveness of their needs.

When I am working with a new family, I think of them as being a part of my family and I therefore, take this as a true honour to be included in their experience.  

I understand that in order for a new family to work well, everybody’s needs have to be accommodated and be met. From the moment they leave the hospital every member of this family has a new role to play. It will take many dress rehearsals with a good director to deliver the show that will meet their expectations.

In my practise I worked with twins and triplets, premature and high risk babies. I work with mothers who are in their teens and mothers who are over 40 years old; mothers recovering from a caesarean birth, third or fourth degree tear or episiotomy.

Completing nursing school as well as additional courses in this field like maternal newborn nursing (finished with honours) equipped me with the knowledge to provided services to victims of domestic violence, mothers recovering from substance abuse, mothers experiencing postpartum depression, and the unfortunate mothers who have lost their babies.

Attending different trainings like Neonatal Resuscitation program, Bereavement training in perinatal death, Baby Friendly Initiative workshop or Postpartum Mood Disorders Training (just to name a view), extended my scope of knowledge in postnatal related issues.

Number one on my list is breastfeeding. I have extensive training in this area of nursing and currently and I am preparing to write lactation consultant exam. I update my nursing knowledge by doing research and attending nursing conferences.


My Credentials

Mother of two children

Certyfying postpartum doula

Registered Practical Nurse

Breastfeeding specialist


Neonatal Resuscitation