“Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

Elizabeth Stone

New Beginning

You just had a baby. You're probably very happy, but also full of fear and anxiety and questions:   How will I know what he / she needs? How should I feed my baby? How often will I have to change do you change a diaper? Will these factors affect my relationship with my partner?  Will I have any time for myself?

During a short hospital stay parents are crammed with postpartum information related to changing diapers, feeding (breast or bottle), bathing, clothing, cord care, safe sleep, etc.  Mothers are also being taught on how to take care of their breasts, their perineal lacerations , their caesarean section incisions, how to manage their pain, how to promote milk production and  the list goes on and on.
In today's society mothers are expected to return to their normal routines, at least 24 hours after the birth of their babies. It is absolutely impossible to process all this information in such a short time, especially the first time moms who are sleep deprived, experiencing sore nipples and the hormonal changes which can greatly affect mom’s thought processes.

These circumstances will present challenges for the Dads, who will need support and guidance to cope with the ongoing demands of new baby and to assist both himself and spouse, to view these demands in a positive way and to embrace to whole experience.

The most important part in parent - baby relationship is bonding. After coming home with the new bundle of joy parents need to learn how to manage all responsibilities and have time to bond with their newborns. Trying to fulfill new roles and learn new skills might be very challenging and overwhelming.

Having an individual upon whom the parents can rely, an individual who is knowledgeable, experienced, kind and dedicated to the pre and post care of mother and baby, will contribute greatly to reassuring the family that all will be well.  

New Beginning

What clients say

  1. During postnatal period when hormones are raging and sleep deprivation puts the whole family in state of chaos, doula is the one that will tell you that its gonna be ok, that this will all pass. She has an ability to calm you down. She will support you when you will need the encouragement words the most.
  2. Doula helps in a transition every new family is facing. Even after reading tons of books and searching millions of websites the reality is different. Having professional support to guide parents in this new adventure is precious.
  3. Doula helps to manage the new situation so the family can achieve harmony and find a beauty of just being together and enjoying the moment.

WhyWhy hire a doula
 hire a doula 

Postnatal doula is a trained professional who comes to your home and will provide you with evidence based information.  She will allow you to make informed, logical decisions and support you with guidance and reassurance.  She will take care of your baby so you can rest and be assured that your baby is in good hands. She will also play with the older sibling(s) so you can bond with your baby or will cuddle your baby in her arms while you can attend to your other necessities.  

With her arrival baby calms down, mom is being supported, dad is being reassured and  guided, other siblings are taken care of, dog is being walked, flowers are being watered, and light snacks are is being served.

 The Postnatal doula is not only available to help you with your household chores. She will ensure you that all of your concerns and questions are very normal, that sleepless nights, and all of the discomforts resulting from the childbirth will eventually go away.   

Postnatal doula provides understanding, offers support, encourages you, has a conversation with you when you need one, and gives a hug. Having a helping and supportive companion, significantly reduces  the risks associated with the onset of postpartum blues or depression.

As you can see the postpartum doula wears many different hats and her services will change according to your needs and the needs of your family. However, her primary focus is to bring you comfort and peace of mind.